Urine Testing

urine gender predictor

Urine Based Gender Predictor Test

Ever wonder how those gender predictor tests that take a sample of urine and produce a color work? Some are different but most of them test your urine for PH levels and other small traces that relate to the baby being a boy or a girl. After placing your urine sample inside one of these tests you then swirl it around or lightly shake, this causes a chemical reaction to occur that will produce a certain color. Some tests use blue/purple or orange/green to portray what the gender will be. Some of these tests have been praised in the community as having great results, but others have had mixed results when using multiple tests.

Alternative Gender Test

A DNA based Gender Predictor is an alternative to a urine based gender predictor test, with a DNA test you also provide a sample of urine but you send this sample to a scientific lab for analysis. They will then extract purified DNA from the urine and trace that against statistical factors, if they DNA produces Male traits then baby will be a boy, if the DNA has no presence of Male traits it will instead be a girl.

Every mother is different and some can or cannot wait for results. The difference between 9 weeks and 19-20 weeks could almost 3 months. Most Urine based gender predictor tests are known as “fun” and “educational” tools, they are for entertainment and are promoted as such. DNA testings from companies like easy-dna.com are a different story, they emphasize on scientific results and an extremely high rate of success at determining the gender of your baby months before any other test. Some doctors question the ethics of gender prediction, as a mother I know its completely normal to wonder about the gender of your baby. Having dreams about having a little girl or a little boy are common as well and there is nothing unethical or wrong about it.

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