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    Gender prediction is a very popular topic, it has been around for thousands of years with hundreds of derivations. Before technology and affordable shipment methods were available you would have to spend thousands of dollars to figure out the gender of your baby at an early date. Ultrasounds aren't "supposed" to be used as a gender test as far as some insurance companies might be concerned, but most mothers can generally get a chance at learning their babies gender at 18-20 weeks. Because the babies position can mostly be random, ultrasounds are not always accurate in determining your babies gender. If you do not figure out your babies gender the first time, you might have to pay out of pocket for another test (unless there is a medical reason to do so) and this can be quite expensive. Well now you can determine the gender of your baby as early as 9 weeks with pin point precision! There are a lot of tests on the market, but only ONE of them is based entirely on testing your DNA strands for the male/female traits!. I know what you are thinking, how many thousands does this DNA test cost? Well, you'd be surprised how affordable this can be! This is much more than a gender predictor test and it is available almost everywhere. Find out more about this gender predictor test and get the full details from easyDNA. You can also browse our database of information on gender prediction myths and other gender testing technologies. We cover many topics on gender prediction including the "facts" and the "fiction", its fun to plan ahead and use all of this information for your own entertainment.

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